Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decidophobia Fear of Making Decisions

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Life is full of options and choices, each changing the way we decide to live our lives. Making these decisions requires an internal thought process that weighs out the positive and negative aspects of each choice. For some, this process can be absolutely terrifying and the fear of making the wrong choice will ultimately cause them to avoid making any choice at all. This fear of decision-making is called Decidophobia and could ultimately lead to an unhealthy dependence on others or unpractical methods of guidance and, subsequently, a total lack of control over the direction that their life will take.

Decidophobia can can be understood as a specific phobia which is actually not as uncommon as might be assumed. 

Learning theory views phobias such as decidophobia as learned responses. A person avoids the phobic object. making a decision, and through this obtains the reward of escaping or avoiding fear. Maybe the person is fearful of the consequences of an incorrect decision or perhaps just being fearful of having the burden of responsibility of making decisions.

"Indecision can have a really negative impact on how you’re feeling, so good decision making skills are really useful when you’re faced with a tough choice. Get tips on how to make good decisions, and find out what to do when you can’t figure out a plan."


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