Friday, January 25, 2013

Leisure With Dignity - Otium Cum Dignitate

Otium Cum Dignitate

Otium cum dignitate is Latin for 'dignified leisure' or 'leisure with dignity'

“Otium cum dignitate” was the advice Cicero gave for how an honest person should live. The word “otium” does not mean 'idleness' ('dolcefarniente') instead the advice was to pursue an ensemble of non-political and non-remunerable activities that allow for the “humanistic” development of an individual.

In other words, Cicero advised that a vir bonus (good man) should dedicate himself to study, writing, intimate and erudite conversation, meditation, finding time for family and friends, and of course some time in the countryside. Together with “otium”, Cicero also recommended a strong dose of “dignitas” which was very important to people of his time. Everything was to be done with a sense of measure and moderation. It’s a lovely philosophy of living to try to pursue especially when put in the context of today’s hustle and bustle.

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