Thursday, June 14, 2012

Michael Long's not so long "Long Walk" to Canberra

The Myth

"On 21 November 2004 Michael Long embarked an historic trek, walking from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra – more than 650 kilometres away."  (29/05/2012)

"In 2001, Michael retired as a professional footballer, but not from working to help Indigenous Australians. In 2004, he famously walked from Melbourne to Canberra to meet the then Prime Minister John Howard to discuss the plight of Indigenous Australians and raise public awareness of the issues."  (29/05/2012)
"This year marks eight years since the Essendon legend Michael Long’s historic trek from his home in Melbourne to Parliament House in Canberra to discuss Aboriginal issues with then Prime Minister, John Howard."  (29/05/2012)

"In 2004 AFL legend Michael Long walked from Melbourne to Canberra to protest government treatment of First Nation people"

(Also note that Long nor anybody associated with him or connected in any way with the walk ever used the term "First Nation" in relation to the walk)

The Obfuscation

 "In 2004, Michael Long set out on foot from Melbourne to Canberra to meet the then Prime Minister and get the lives of Indigenous Australians back on the national agenda."  (29/05/2012)

 "“The Long Walk charity started after former AFL player Michael Long attended an Indigenous funeral and decided to make a trek from Melbourne to Canberra in 2004 to help raise awareness of the plight of his people, also meeting with then Prime Minister John Howard at the end of the first Long Walk,” Senator Scullion." (29/05/2012)

The Reality

"Mr Long arrived in Canberra yesterday after walking part of the way from Melbourne to draw attention to the plight of indigenous people." (29/05/2012).

"It took the former Essendon champion nine days to walk 300 kilometres from Melbourne to Albury where he bathed his blistered feed in the Murray River. It was there he heard the news that the Prime Minister had agreed to meet him when he arrived in Canberra.

Having secured the appointment, Michael Long completed the trip by car and this morning he was flanked by high profile Aborigines Mick and Patrick Dodson and Yorta Yorta elder, Paul Briggs, as he took the final steps to the Prime Minister's office." (29/05/2012).

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