Monday, April 30, 2012

Flannelette Curtain

The "Flannelette Curtain" (also known as the "Flannel Curtain") is the imaginary socioeconomic division between north and south of the greater Hobart area running along Creek Rd Moonah so named because of the alleged propensity of those living north of the curtain to wear flannelette shirts relative to the degree of flannelette shirt-wearing south of the curtain, with flannelette shirt-wearing considered by some to be a signifier that the wearer might be more likely to belong to a lower socioeconomic demographic.
Flannelette shirts found north of the flannelette curtain

"Bio: We come from the northern suburbs of Hobart, yeah! That’s right! The place pretentious snobs call “beyond the flannelette curtain” Where all those poor people live that have shit clothes and no taste." (P T White - MySpace)

The good people living north of the 'Flannelette Curtain' must pass through the 'Latte Line' as they head south into Hobart.

Coffee drinker found south of the Latte Line
"Every community has its wit, those who give as good as they get, and so little goes unanswered. Hobart dwellers venturing North must pass the mythical Flannelette Curtain at Creek Road, and here southbound visitors must transgress the retaliatory Latte Line."

"Driving a Subaru. I’ve been told that Tasmania has the highest per capita Subaru ownership in the world. I don’t know if that’s true but I wouldn’t be surprised – they’re everywhere, especially south of the flannel curtain in Hobart."

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"I've updated a map of churches in the greater Hobart area I posted a few months ago. It's nearing completion, although its a very protestant map with no Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic churches. It's interesting that the "flannelette curtain" remains a barrier of sorts"

"Have been looking at the events gallery, the 'flannelette curtain' is steadily moving northward. Was a time not so long ago when no-one past Risdon Rd would be invited or seen in an art gallery.
Posted by: loco 02:44pm Tuesday 20th July 2010"

"tassie_gal said...   Nellie - Dont bother coming out to Glenorchy way for brekky - AFAIK (and I live the wrong side of the flannel curtain) there is NOTHING out here."   10:43 PM  Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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