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Maldon Fraternal Society


MALDON, Monday -The "Back to Maldon" celebrations were continued on Saturday, when cricket, rifle, and tennis matches, in the whole of which the local competitors were victorious, took place. At the Maldon Fraternal Society concert in the evenlng £45 was taken at the doors in aid of charity. On Sunday afternoon this society held a charity service at the hospital grounds, and £30 and 10/4d was taken at the collection.

The Fraternal Society, from Melbourne, took a prominent part in the festivities. The "Comebacks" Band led the procession and the streets were thronged with visitors. Prior to the sports, Councillor Bowen (shire president) entertained the State Premier (Hon H S Lawson), officials of the Fraternal Society, and those of the Easter Fair committee at luncheon.The sports were officially opened by the Premier. The gate receipts were £84 1/-. (The Argus 2nd April 1918 p.10).

Maldon District Fraternal Society - Melbourne Syllabus 1953

MALDON Fraternal Society - Dance and Euchrce. Masonic Hall, Leeds St, Footscray, Saturday, 7th. Come Back Orchestra. (The Argus 6th May 1921 p.1).

MALDON.- The following officers have been appointed for the 1924 charity Easter fair:-   President, Mr. J. Bryson, vice-presidents, Messrs. J. J. Hutsh and G. Kingsley, secretary, Mr. H. James, treasurer, Mr. W. B. Apperley. The Maldon Fraternal Society (Melbourne) with Mr. J. Phillips as president. Messrs. J. D. Boyd and J. H. Mitchell, joint honorary secretaries, are  Melbourne organisers, and the "Comeback" brass band has again been invited (The Argus 7th Feb 1924 p.12).

The Maldon Fraternal Society will hold their annual picnic at Caulfield Park on Australia   Day, Jan 30. Hot water and milk provided. All invited. (The Argus, 18th Jan 1939, p.12).

MALDON Fraternal Society. Social, Scott's Hall, Sept. 23. Adm. 2/ (The Argus, 28 September 1946, p.29).

Gift of Maldon Fraternal Society - 1853-1953 Pioneer Memorial

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