Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patience & Nicholson Aust Pty Ltd

In the 1920's public spirited people in the small Victorian country town of Maryborough jointly raised the capital to purchase and relocate the P&N company from its original location in Elsternwick a Melbourne suburb.

The company is now called Patience & Nicholson Aust Pty Ltd, and is known worldwide for the quality products produced from its Maryborough and Hamilton factories. The brand name of P&N still lives on the tools, drill bits and cutting tools produced by a proud Australian Company.

P&N Football Club / Patience And Nicholson Football Club (Vic)

Guernseys & Nicknames :
P&N wore black guernseys that bore a white band.

Timeline :
1937-39 - Maryborough FA : P&N participated.

1940 (Maryborough FA) :
First Semi-Final - P&N 12.17.89 defeated Avoca 9.9.63.
Final - P&N defeated ????.
Grand Final - P&N 15.11.101 defeated Royal Park 8.15.63.

1945 - Maryborough DFL Grand Final : P&N 13.18.96 defeated Clunes 6.14.50.
1947 - Maryborough DFL Grand Final : P&N 12.7.79 defeated Carisbrook 10.7.67.

1948 (Maryborough DFL) :
P&N had a 2-1 lead in the three home and away meetings with Bealiba.
Second Semi Final - P&N 11.11.77 defeated Bealiba 9.14.68 at Princes Park (Maryborough). P&N may have had their stocks boosted by Ballarat FL Maryborough players.
Grand Final - P&N 11.13.79 defeated Primrose 8.3.51.

1949 - Maryborough DFL : P&N participated.
1950 - P&N became a reserves team for Maryborough side that competed in the Ballarat FL.

Wire-tying machine, metal / plastic / wood, made by Patience & Nicholson, Australia, used by Wing Sang & Co Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1920-1935 - Powerhouse Museum Sydney

 "A few months after we moved to Frogmore, before the main wall of the reservoir was finished, the government ran out of money for the project and everyone was laid off. My father found work at Patience & Nicholson ( P&N), a tool factory in Maryborough. The Hortas were sent to the salt works in Werribee, but after a short time Pantelimon found a job at P&N and sometimes lived with us at Frogmore." [circa 1950] - Raimond Gaita, Romulus, My Father  

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  1. Daniel,
    Just tidying up a P&N drill set, in a little metal red box, that my father purchased in the 1940s. Nice to know that the missing 5/32" can still be obtained... though I'm not sure who the central Victorian outlets are. Thanks for the info on P&N. Michael.