Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vipassana Meditation - 6 key notes for practice

Vipassana Meditation - 6 key notes for practice.

1. Understand the difference between the "Named Existances (pyitnyat)" and "Real Existances (paramat)"

2. Know how to get focus on the presence of "real existances" at the absence of "named existances"

3. Understand the minds (nama) and matters (rupa) or the five aggregates (the five Khandas) well

4. Understand the three significant characters (impermanance -annicca, suffering -dukha, beyond control -anata)

5. Understand the "Causes and Effects Phenomena (paticca samupadda)" and "Originating-Disintegration process (udaya-waya)".

6. Apply the five working meggins: the right mindfulness (samah sati), the right effords (samah wiriya), the right concentration (samah samahdi), and the right wisdoms (pannya meggins or samah dahti and samah singapa) or the five working meggins correctly and effeciently on the originating(udaya)-disintegration(waya) processs.

This is the work all vipassana yogis must keep doing continuously.